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A Women’s Right to Choose

Originally posted on Yankee Doodle Saudi:

I am really sick of feeling like a cliché every time I do something.  Simply because I am a Muslim woman, if I go out alone, ride a bike, or get a degree, I am a spokesperson for the entire ummah and suddenly circulating the internet on a MEME for woman’s rights and hastags like #LookMuslimwomenarehumantoo


This is one thing I hate about wearing hijab; people automatically make judgments about which camp to which you belong; normal human being or alien jihadist. Non-Muslims are not the only guilty parties by ANY stretch of the imagination; Muslims and non-Muslim alike judge women for their choices.

let's get naked crophejab

If I wear hijab, people view me as pious and conservative. If I did not wear hijab, people would view me as “less of a religious woman” and “open-minded”. If I wear niqab, people think I’m either crazy or “masha’Allah wearing true and full hijab”…

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How He Made Me Fall In Love With Him


Thoughts on a first love….

Originally posted on Love, InshAllah:

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When I was in high school, my English teacher encouraged us to look at literary works with a critical eye. She told us to dissect works of literature in order to grasp their true meaning. Every detail contributed to a broader idea, we were taught. The curtains in the main character’s bedroom were not a dark shade of purple for no reason. Everything was strategically placed for a greater purpose, a message to the readers. After using this technique for most of my high school career, I began analyzing the events and milestones of my life in the same way.

It was September 2nd, 2002. I…

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Finding Common Ground Part 9 – From Cornwall to Cairo

This weeks FCG blogger is Rachel from ‘Cornwall to Cairo’ – I was contacted by her recently and I was intrigued by her situation, especially as some of the frustrations she is currently going through are things that I have also battled with. While she persists and tries to overcome UK Immigration laws in order to be with her husband, I have chosen not to fight that battle and to have a central base from Dubai for now. She also explains the current laws on her blog for any of you who are interested in learning more about this.  If you have had similar experiences or would like to comment, please share below in the comment section.


Rachel and her husband on their wedding day

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